Teddy coat mania

An extraordinary idea embodied in a voluminous “teddy coat” produced the effect of an exploding bomb and affected everyone without exception who is not indifferent to fashion and unique style.

This cult model for more than a year excites the consciousness and wallets of fashionistas around the world. Stars and celebrities are happy to wear the very Teddy Bear from Max Mara!

Today, white, blue, gray-beige, brown, black, pale pink and trendy leopard print have been added to the classy camel and red colors.


Mass markets also did not stand aside and did not miss the chance to get closer to high-end fashion, taking the opportunity to satisfy the incredible demand of everyone who wants to become the owners of a teddy coat.

Mass market models, of course, differ from the original, but, nevertheless, look decent. There are even instances sewn from ordinary coat colors of camel color and a coat made of real wool.

Check out these coats made of real sheep fur using humane technology:

[affegg id=14]

Long teddy coats

[affegg id=12]

Short teddy coats

[affegg id=13]

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