All the Chic Summer Tops Worth Shopping Right Now

I have a top shopping problem. It sounds funny when I articulate it like that, but really—I’m more apt to stock up on blouses, tanks and button-downs than I am to buy literally any other kind of clothing. Though this leaves my wardrobe feeling all kinds of top-heavy (lol), I can’t stop. And the slew of summer tops pervading retailers right now isn’t doing anything to help me curb my habit.

If the spring shopping landscape was great (which it was), the summer shopping landscape is downright phenomenal. Because summer offers everything you loved about spring, but brighter, bolder, punchier. Tie-dye pieces have only gotten campier. Woven textiles have grown looser and more revealing. Puffy sleeves have become more voluminous. And sheer textiles abound. Not to mention, the aughts-y details we’ve come to appreciate in 2019 look kitschier, more fun and a little more self-aware when the sun is shining; rhinestone-adorned crossbody bags look a little less self-serious when layered over your most casual summer duds.

Encapsulated in any summer tops selection is an array of absolutely delightful summer trends. And we have months to enjoy them. Given that, now seems like the worst possible time to kick my top shopping obsession—right?

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