FAQ about Aliexpress

If you are new and is still deciding whether or not to purchase through Aliexpress, this short guide is intended for you so read on!

  1. What is AliExpress?

The simplest way to explain what Aliexpress is, is by saying that it is sort of like Amazon where sellers/companies get to advertise their products except in this case Aliexpress does not carry out any background check on the sellers (this includes some dedicated scammers!). And also, some of Aliexpress sellers do not accept payments from PayPal. You need a debit/credit card to pay for items. So, if you want your experience to be trouble-free, buy  make sure you use your common sense and not get caught up in the heat of the moment upon discovering a terrific deal.

  1. How To Avoid Being Scammed on Aliexpress.

As with any item you buy online, use common sense and these tips:

  • Check when was the store opened?

 This data point tells you when the seller opened shop.

If it is 2 years and more, then store has some credibility.

So if you are making a very expensive purchase or a product that is technology oriented, it’s better to go with an AliExpress store that has been around for a while.

  • The store’s “Buyer Protection” policy should be in place

AliExpress has protocols within their platform to protect the buyer from fraudulent sellers as much as possible.

In the case of purchasing, it will benefit you to look at the “Buyer Protection” the seller has in place.

To find out more, check out the guarantees that the seller has in place (found in the product page).

  • Star Rating and Review – Feedback

Product reviews shed light on the intricate details about the product. Be sure you check them out before place your order.

A good way to sift through the reviews section is to select the “Photos” option.

A lot of buyers upload the images of their products and give reviews. This is a good way to validate if people are consistently getting the right product (and if they are happy with the quality).

You get the complete “Seller Feedback” information on store page in feedback section

  • Contact the seller before you make a purchase essentially if it’s an expensive one.

There’s an option to contact the seller before you make a purchase.

Ask all the questions regarding the product quality, warranty, refund policy, and more you need to know.

Check whether their answers are consistent with what mentioned in the product page.

If your order goes wrong, also always contact the seller. Most sellers are helpful and offer refunds if the item doesn’t arrive, is damaged, not what you ordered etc.

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to bring AliExpress into the situation. Open a dispute! But we hope it doesn’t come to that though.

  • Remember: if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is a scam/not worth it.
  • Don’t choose “free shipping” for expensive items

Free shipping may be a tempting offer, but it’s riskier for your product.

The free shipping option is fulfilled through the postal service and there are no guarantees regarding the way your product is handled.

If your product is expensive or breakable, it’s better to spend an extra few dollars to get it delivered through a reliable service like DHL.

  • Customs and import duties may be charged

Goods coming in from China may be subject to import duties in your country.

This can amount to around 30% of the value of your product. This is very circumstantial though.

Your best bet is to use a tool like Duty Calculator that will give you an approximate value of how much the duty will cost.

Note: There are limited free attempts at Duty Calculator, so use yours well.

  • Try not to open a dispute before receiving your product

Disputes at AliExpress can be tricky.

You have one attempt at filing a dispute and if you use that dispute because you haven’t yet received your product, then you exhaust all your disputes before the product reaches you.

If the seller ships your product and closes the dispute, you cannot leave feedback either. So if your product is faulty, you cannot do anything about it because you’ve exhausted your disputes.

  • Use your product before confirming the receipt

There’s an option to confirm the receipt when you receive the product.

Test and see if it is as advertised and works to your satisfaction. Only when you are satisfied should you can confirm your receipt.

You’ll have 15 days after order confirmation to open the dispute in case of any problem with your product.

  1. What are Aliexpress sizes like? Do Aliexpress shoes and clothes run small?

Sizing is going to be different. ALWAYS pay attention to the size charts of clothing and shoes items.

There is no standard size chart on Aliexpress. So you should consider: sizes may vary depending on the seller. You have to take measurement before you buy to make sure you are getting the right size.

Quick tips how to take measurement:

  • Shoes

Neat Measuring Device for kids

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Buying clothes online is always tricky as you can’t try it on. It has probably happened to most of us. We’ve purchased something from China that just does NOT fit.

Again, what a waste of resources, time and money. These are tricks to make sure it fit’s before purchase.

  • Find out the measurements of the clothing you would like to buy. Find a listing that has it mentioned in the description or ask the store if they can give it to you. The sizing is usually mentioned at the top or the bottom of the listing.
  • Then go find a similar piece of clothing in your own closet that fits you well. Lay it down flat and measure it from top to bottom, over chest, and waist etc. to see what measurements your t-shirt (or whatever) has.
  • Compare your numbers to the number in the listing and figure out what size will fit you best.
  1. How can I get to the items you post?

You can find link in the picture caption or click on the image itself and/or the source URL to purchase the item featured.

  1. When I click on the link(s), but nothing shows up/I get an error page?

None of the links are broken, so if an item doesn’t show up, it’s most likely that the item isn’t available anymore and/or the seller doesn’t sell that item anymore. If this happens, let us know by submitting request in the form below and we’ll try to replace the link with a new listing! This may or may not change the price.

  1. Are you a shop?

No, we carefully selected best selling and most fashionable items for you, but do not sell any of the items posted! Read more About us.

  1. Can I request items?

Sure! Leave your In Search Of request and we will notify when certain requested posts are gonna turn up! 

If you want advice about a specific item, you can send us  the link and we will do our best to vet it for you. Please take caution. We can not guarantee sizing  or quality.