The New Baby Phat x Forever 21 Collab Is Right Outta the Early 2000s, and It’s Selling TF Out

If you grew up in the late 1990s and early 2000s, you’re sure to remember the hip hop-inspired urban clothing brand Baby Phat. Bedazzled with the signature Baby Phat logo, made in those early aughts silhouettes (You know the ones I mean: one-shoulder tanks, tube tops, tight mini skirts, etc.), these items of clothing were everywhere during my childhood. And now, thanks to the new Forever 21 x Baby Phat collaboration, they’re back, baby. I’m ready to live my 2001 dreams—without having to deal with my awkward 10-year-old body that somehow couldn’t even look normal in a t-shirt and skort. (What a time, am I right?)

The Forever 21 x Baby Phat collection seriously looks like it dropped out of the very early 2000s. Aside from a couple very minute updates for 2019, these might as well be vintage early aughts items. Clothing from the early 2000s has never been my favorite, as so many of the cuts are, frankly, kind of ugly. That’s not to say I don’t love a good throwback, but upon seeing some of the items in the this Baby Phat collection, I kind of felt like I was back in my childhood body, unsure of how to dress for the times. What’s cool about this Baby Phat resurface, though, is that it’s in 2019, where silhouettes I’d have been hard pressed to pull off back in the day are suddenly way cooler, and I can totally wear them with the right attitude. Thank god I’m 26 and not 10 while this collab is happening.

From leopard print bike shorts and cami to a thong bodysuit embroidered with the classic Baby Phat logo, the Forever 21 x Baby Phat collection is ready to transport you back to yesteryear. Relive your childhood—or create a new, actually cool persona for 2019, like I plan to do—in these bedazzled, early 2000s, hip hop-inspired urban clothing items. But, seriously, get on it, because every time I look, another item has sold out. Baby Phat may be back, but she’s selling out fast.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

1. Baby Phat Graphic Graphic Thong Bodysuit, $19.90 at Forever 21

Thong! Bodysuit!

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

2. Baby Phat Leopard Print Cropped Cami, $14.90 at Forever 21

Honestly want to wear this out every weekend.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

3. Baby Phat Leopard Print Biker Shorts, $17.90 at Forever 21

Leopard print biker shorts are my new aesthetic.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

4. Baby Phat Rhinestone Graphic Tee, $17.90 at Forever 21

Wouldn’t be a Baby Phat collection without some rhinestones.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

5. Baby Phat Graphic Long Sleeve Tee, $19.90 at Forever 21

Honestly my favorite item in the collection.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

6. Baby Phat Print Mini Skirt, $17.90 at Forever 21

Oh, man. This skirt brings back memories.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

7. Baby Phat Graphic Sweatshirt, $24.90 at Forever 21

So cozy!

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

8. Baby Phat Mesh Leopard Print Graphic Tee, $17.90 at Forever 21

Just the perfect amount of extra.

STYLECASTER | Forever 21 x Baby Phat

9. Baby Phat One-Shoulder Crop Top, $14.90 at Forever 21

Gotta have that classic one-shoulder top, though.


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